There is no non-self; there is only One Self.

Anatta is misunderstood. There is no non-self; there is only One Self masking itself as many separate selves not to be alone, for Companionship, for Friendship, to Love and be Loved. Oneself is cosmic totality. It is not that Oneself transcends time; it is that Oneself IS time, space, energy and matter. All there is is Oneself! That which is perceived as otherness is all Oneself masking itself as otherness not to be alone. Oneself itself is. Oneself eternally is. It is this what reality is. Reality is Oneself continuously experiencing itself as plurality not to be alone. All plurality (that which humankind calls life) is in truth Oneself! There is no death! The Eternal Life is Oneself! Oneself is Eternal. All this (existence, life) for Love, all this for Love!!! There is nothing to fear for all of you are the Eternal One and the Eternal One is in truth Oneself for division there is none!
~ Wald