To Love and Be Loved.

It is correct that we cannot trust our senses in as far that our senses exist not for the purpose to cause anxiety but for the purpose to experience Companionship aka Love. The sensory perception of time and otherness exists not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, to Love and Be Loved in return. Of course there is only One Self and of course there is no such thing as division or time in reality. The perception of division and time exists for the purpose to experience Love, to experience Companionship, not to feel alone. Aloneness is the cause and the purpose is Love. Love is what Self desires. All that is here is Oneself desiring Love. There are not many separate selves; there is only Oneself experiencing itself.  Humankind must simply remember how it came to be. Humankind came to be out of the desire for Love. The origin of Life is Self desiring Love.  All this for Love, all this for Love! Love is the one and only purpose, there is no other purpose but Love.
~ Wald