Why the Purpose (of Life) is Love aka Companionship.

It is quite easy to understand that the meaning of Life is Love aka Companionship. There is only God. God is Spirit/Consciousness/Awareness. Spirit/Consciousness/Awareness knows no division. Yet it must be noted that otherness is perceived. Why would there be a necessity to perceive otherness? Otherness is perceived for Togetherness. Togetherness is a synonym for Companionship aka Love. Love is the meaning of Life for Life is not Life but God desiring Love. As such the meaning of Life is Love aka Companionship. For those who say 'you cannot prove the existence of God', the answer is . Simply replace the word God with . means I AM. तत् त्वम् असि. If this is not understood, it is perfectly fine. There is the old yet applicable Dutch saying 'Wat baeten kaers en bril als de uil niet sien en wil'. All that matter's Love after all. It's all G-d.
~ Wald