The INA Model and the Origin of Life.

It is said that the end of the RNA world hypothesis is near. That is obviously true. Now I Am, as a Biologist and Scientist, certain that INA is the origin of Life on Earth according to my Origin-of-Life study. The INA Model states that all Life verily is INA. The INA Model states that biology is undivided and that all variegation is INA perceiving itself as variegated for the purpose not to feel alone, to experience Companionship, to Love and Be Loved in return. The INA model which is in essence a theosis suggests that INA is (the source of all) Life on Earth including but not limited to DNA/RNA. The previous RNA hypothesis suggests that Life on Earth began with a simple RNA molecule that could copy itself without help from other molecules. The INA model is not limited to the Earth but to the Universe for it is all-Inclusive. As such INA is not a theory but a scientific law. The kernel of INA-Law is Love. The aforementioned being based on the fact that the meaning of the name DNA is Deus Non Alligator (the meaning of DNA derived from 'Deus Non Alligator' — 'God is not Bound'). RNA was based on the DNA principle. RNA stands for Ram Non Alligator (the meaning of RNA derived from 'Rama Non Alligator' — 'Rama is not Bound'). Rama being Ram (Sanskrit: राम, Rāma, also known as Ramachandra, रामचन्द्र, Rāmacandra). As such INA-Law returns to the essence of beingness which is Self (I). The meaning of INA thus being 'I Non Alligator ('I non alligator' — 'I is not Bound'). Perhaps the strongest evidence for the INA is Self (I). Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. The INA model states that Self perceives itself as itself but experiences itself as variegated not to feel alone, to experience Companionship. INA states that Self is pure spirit perceiving itself as matter this although all matter is Self. Furthermore, the INA model states that division does not exist for there is only Oneself perceiving itself as variegated for Companionship, for Love. Love is at the heart of INA. The equation of INA is 'I=Love'.
~ Wald