Scientific Research Notes on The Initial Singularity and M-Theory

The answer to the question - What created the Big Bang? - is Self. Self? Yes I Am, as a scientist and biologist, certain that Self is Singular as in One. The Singularity perceives itself as plural not to be by itself, i.e., the Singularity perceives itself as plural for Companionship otherwise known as Love. It is correct to note that the Initial Singularity which existed before the Big Bang contained all the energy and spacetime of the Universe but it must be remembered that this remains an abstraction of sorts. Why? The Universe is Self. Energy is Self. Spacetime is Self. All that is here is Self. The question is not - What created the Big Bang? - but - Why did Self create itself? - to which the answer is unequivocally Love. Love naturally being a word that describes this innate longing for Companionship, Friendship, Warmth, Togetherness, Shelter, et al. The Initial Singularity? It is Self desiring not to be by itself hence Companionship aka Love. In regards to the M-theory; Multi is Uni, there is no division, diversity exists for Companionship, Yes, Love. The correct answer to every question is always Love; very true, truly simple (as in singular). Love simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann