The Embrace: Companionship Across Time and Space

The answer to the question - what is Space? - is Self. Why? Self is reality in its totality. Reality in its totality is Self. Self is Indivisible. Division does not exist. Self is Diverse. Diversity exists for Companionship. Now I am, as a scientist and biologist, guaranteeing that all that is here is Self and that the following applies to Time and Space 1) Space is Self 2) Self spaces itself not to be by itself 3) Companionship verily is the purpose of Self. What does it mean? There where otherness is perceived is Self desiring Togetherness. Togetherness Self can only experience by leaving space between itself. The purpose not to fight, the purpose Companionship otherwise known as Love. In conclusion (and at the risk of being a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal): there is no division, Self is Indivisible, Self is diverse not to be by itself, Self is diverse to embrace itself. All this for companionship across Time and Space? Yes. Very true, truly simple. The equation is 'I=Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann