Alchemy of the Heart

Of course all that is here is Self desiring not to be by itself. It is why diversity exists. Diversity exist not to feel alone. Diversity exists for Companionship. Diversity exists for Love. The purpose is not to fight, quite the contrary, the purpose is Companionship otherwise known as Love. It can be understood as this. There is this big heavenly cloud of bubbles. Bubbles are fun especially when together which is their purpose really; togetherness. Bubbles are essentially pure air with a tin veil are they not? The tin veil serves the purpose to experience companionship. These bubbles don't want to fight. Why would they fight? Nothing is more absurd. Otherness serves the purpose to experience togetherness; hence why bubbles flock together as birds of a feather. Now about the resurrection otherwise known as the eternal life. When a bubble pops it is not really gone. The veil is gone but its true Self remains unchanged. It always is. So it goes with Life. Life is not Life. Life is Self. Self is Eternal. Self always is. The veil of separation exists for the very purpose so Self could embrace itself. Yes. Love. Yes. Companionship. There where is otherness is truly Self desiring togetherness. Does it matter? Yes for I am guaranteeing, as a scientist and biologist, that Self always is Love. There is no such thing as death for both Life and Non-Life are part of One thing and this One thing is no thing but Self desiring Love. When loved ones pass, they are never really gone. They always are. That which is always is. That which is is Self. Self always is. This is the meaning of Jesus and the promise of the Resurrection and The Eternal Life. Thou verily art deathless, eternal and everlasting. Such is the truth. Simply let go of any of these ridiculous grudge nonsense and fill your hearts with Love, Laughter and Happy Thoughts. All it is Self requires is Love. When Self surrenders to Love; it aligns to the purpose of its own beingness.
~ Wald Wassermann