All is always G-d.

At any time; all is always G-d. In fact, there is nothing but G-d. G-d itself is. G-d always is. It is just that G-d is undivided. Division does not exist. Do away with the illusion that is division and all illusory confusion lifts away like a haze in the early morning sun. It is when G-d realizes it is G-d and that there is nothing but G-d that it is instantaneously understood there is nothing to argue about nor anything to fight over for there where otherness is perceived is G-d desiring togetherness. At any time, remember there never is division and that diversity serves the purpose of Companionship Yes Love. All that is here is G-d. The purpose of G-d is Companionship. The purpose of G-d is Love. And all is always G-d; all is always G-d.
~ Wald Wassermann