Transcendental Idealism

The answer to the question - which came first general or special relativity? - is Self. Self is always One. Oneself always is. It is said that special relativity came before general relativity but this remains an abstraction of sorts. Why? There is no first or second; there is only Self. Self itself is. Self always is. Self experiences itself as itself. Self is diverse. Yes. It is true. Self is diverse not to be by itself. Self is diverse for Companionship. Self is diverse for Love. But the concept of division, seeing separation between what came first or second, is an absolute fallacy. The absolute truth is Self; Self is Indivisible - Self is diverse for Love. Love verily is the purpose of Self. The purpose of Self is verily Love. In conclusion: when it comes to general vs special relativity; there is but One general in relationship with itself which is why everything is relative. The message? Love sweet Love.
~ Wald Wassermann