Axis Love

It is correct to note that Self has created the environment to sustain itself. Naturally the environment is Self and Self is the environment. Self sustains itself. The bigger question is; 'what motivates Self?'. Self desires not to be by itself. As such Self is motivated by Companionship better known as Love. Now for the topic of climate change. The climate is Self. Self is whole, complete and unified. It must be remembered that there is no division in Self. Self is reality in its totality without division. Diversity exists not to be alone, for Companionship, for Love. To return to the subject of climate change. Does Self continuously change itself? Yes. To be more precise. Self continuously adjusts or balances itself according to the one primordial purpose. This purpose being Companionship aka Love. Self continuously aligns itself to Love. Self continuously aligns itself to Companionship. As such there is Biodiversity. Self desires diversity not to be by itself, for Companionship, for Love. Lady justice may be blindfolded but she is fully aware of herself and what she desires and balances the scales accordingly. Now I am certain humankind can address climate change (or any other problem for that matter) with a simple state of mind: Know all is Self, feel only Love. Not loving all causes discord for it is unnatural. There are no others, there is only Self desiring Love. It is unnatural not to Love all. The natural state of mind is feeling Love for all. The more humankind aligns itself to Love, the better it will do. Love not only is the law of the universe or of God; Love is the law of Self. Self Itself Is. Self is Love. The equation? 'I=Love'.
~ Wald