Beyond General- vs Special Relativity.

In regards to general- vs special relativity, it must be understood there is only Oneself denoted by ‘I’ (this although I is essentially Love). Regardless; the theory of relativity is simple as in singular. Not only is everything in relationship with each other; everything is Self (I) desiring not to be by itself hence why Love is at the heart of existence for Love is the very kernel of Self. If the word Self is not understood; it can be replaced with the word ‘One’ or ‘God’. As to the subject of time; time exists for the purpose to be able to experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. That which perceives time is Self. Self desires to perceive time not to be by itself. Self desires to perceive time to be able to experience Companionship. Self desires to perceive time to be able to Love and Be Loved in return. In conclusion. There is no division; diversity exists for Companionship. The meaning of Life is verily Love. Love is the principle that underwrites all.
All is always G-d.
~ Wald Wassermann