Earth: A Home for Hermit the Crab.

Looks can be deceiving. It is true. At first sight, it does indeed appear that there are spaces in 'our' togetherness. Yet perhaps this is a faulty assumption. Why? All that is here is Self. Self leaves space between itself not to be by itself. Seriously? Yes my dear. Space exists for the very purpose so Self would not be by itself, i.e., Space exists so Self could embrace itself. The following statement is thus similarly correct. God is One. Yes. It is true. God is Indivisible. Yes. It is also true. Is there more? Yes. God seeks to negate its own aloneness. Aloneness is the cause- and Companionship is the purpose of Diversity. Diversity serves the purpose of Companionship otherwise known as Love. That which desires Companionship is God but since there is nothing but God, there is nothing but Self. Self is One but desires not to be alOne. Hence why Self appears like a peacock talking so much poppycock. Is it not so? Solitary is naturally not what Self desires, quite the opposite. Yes I Am certain Self desires Companionship instead. Hermit the Crab is Poppycock the Peacock. The word is Self. It is true. The word is the world? It is also true. The wor(l)d gaÍa meaning Self is variegated not to be by itself. So Í is. All this for Companionship, for Love, not to be alone! Conclusion? There is no division in the World, the World is diverse for Love.
~ Wald Wassermann