From Gen-I-is (Genesis) to Amor-I-is (Amoris)

The end of all suffering is Self remembering its originating cause and underwriting purpose; the originating cause is loneliness and the underwriting purpose is Companionship commonly known as Love. Naturally there is only Oneself. There is no such thing as division and there where is otherness is Self perceiving otherness to experience Togetherness. Self is a paradox for good reason. Self is unborn, deathless and eternal. However; Self desires not to be by itself. As such Self refuses to accept its true Self. This true Self that is Oneself, that is Single, that is all by itself. As such the reason for Biodiversity is not to cause suffering; the purpose of Biodiversity, of Self being diverse, is to be able to experience Companionship aka Love. It is said that Love is the purpose of Life and so it is. For Life is not Life; Life is Self not wanting to be by itself, it Self desiring Companionship, it is Self desiring Love. Naturally there is no death for Self is The Eternal One (TEO θΡό), i.e., Self is Eternally One. I is always I. 1 is always 1 (1:1).  Or-I-gin is Gen-I-is (Genesis), purpose is Amor-I-is (Amoris) aka Love. Synopsis: 1) Self must remember its originating cause is loneliness, more so, Self must remember its true purpose is Companionship aka Love and that all that is here is verily Self. 2) Self must not negate Life for the purpose of Self is to celebrate itself as Life Diversified in order so it can embrace itself. 3) Humankind should not fight. Conflicts stem from I being ignorant about its purpose being Love; hence I-gnorance. Ignorance being synonymous with forgetfulness. Forgetfulness the purpose of Otherness is to experience Togetherness and that that which desires Togetherness is Self. May the powers that may be remember Love is Law as Love is fixed for it is the Law of Self Yes God. What then is there to argue about? What then is there to fight about? Nothing is more absurd. The purpose of Self, of diversity, is always Companionship aka Love. Love as such Love. Very true, truly Simple.
~ Wald