God desires togetherness.

We need others to experience togetherness. Togetherness is what we desire. We is not we, we is Self. Self desires Togetherness. Self desires Companionship. Self desires Love. Love is why Self is variegated. Love is why Self is diverse. Love is why Self is Life. Love is why Self is Man and Woman. It is difficult to grasp and perhaps there's no need for it. God is better understood. God also does not desire to be grasped. It is good to desire God but God desires Love and this why there is Life. Life exists for Love. The purpose of God is that we Love each other for we are verily God desiring Love. God can be easily understood. God desires togetherness. Togetherness is what God desires. Life is God perceiving Otherness to experience Togetherness. God gifts itself Life to experience Love. God gifts itself Life to experience Companionship. There where is Man and Woman is God desiring to consummate this innate longing to Love and Be Loved in return. Life is verily God living. There is nothing but God. God is Life and Life is God. All that is required is to know all is God and to stay grounded in the purpose of God which is Companionship aka Love.
~ Wald