The Cause of Gravity is Self (not wanting to be by Itself).

The answer to the question - what causes gravity? - is Self desiring not to be by itself. Very true, truly simple. Now I am certain that Self is alone but desires not to feel alone. what does Self do? Self chases itself; its own tail. Remember my dog called Ouroboros? Ouroboros is a good dog. Ouroboros is by itself. Ouroboros does not like to be by itself. Ouroboros likes companionship. But Ouroboros is alone. What does a good dog like Ouroboros gotta do to get a girl in this town? Aha. That's where imagination comes in. Ouroboros sees its own tail and starts chasing it. Round and round Ouroboros goes. Merrily, merrily indeed for Big (badda) Bang; here's Grace called Earth. That's how Earth appears round by the way. But let's return to Ouroboros. Man and WoMan are Ouroboros. I kid you not. There is no separation. There is no division. All that is here is Ouroboros not wanting to be alone. All that is here is Ouroboros desiring Companionship. All that is here is Ouroboros seeking to Love and Be Loved in reTurn. Hence the name Universe. Is the above correct? Yes. Very correct. The fundamentals of astrophysics in a nutshell. The nature of the stars is Love. In conclusion. Gravity is caused by Self desiring Companionship aka Love.
~ Wald Wassermann