How to Stop any Argument and Experience True Love

It is quite easy to keep the peace in a relationship. Here's a solution on how to handle arguments and to stop fighting in a relationship with the goal of keeping the peace. It is said that it takes two to tango and it is so. But there where is Two is One tangoing by Itself not to be alOne. Seriously. It must be understood that 'there is only God'. It is incorrect to state 'I believe in God'. Why would you need to believe? You are, are you not? The correct statement is 'there is only God'. God Is. It is this what existence is. It is this what Life is. Life is not Life, Life is God itself. There is nothing but God. God is Life. Now it is true that there is no division in God. God is undivided. Seriously. Now I am, as a scientist and biologist, certain that biology is undivided. This is a scientific fact. Find me a colleague scientist that can proof division exists and I am happy to debate him under the table. There is no division, division does not exist, it is an abstraction. Then what is there? The answer is diversity. Diversity exists; division does not. We thus return to 'there is only God'. God is diversified but undivided. The answer to the question - why does diversity exist? - is so God would not be by itself (alone). So it is. God is diverse not to be alone. God is diverse for Companionship. Companionship is the reason why diversity exists. Now let's return to the opening question: how to prevent and handle arguments in any relationship, whether it is between partners such as husband and wife or even nations. It must be remembered that all that is here is God desiring not to be alone. There where otherness is perceived is God desiring togetherness. Differentiation exists not to fight. Quite the contrary. God is diverse for the very purpose to experience Togetherness aka Companionship. Why would God fight itself? There's nothing more absurd. The only purpose why there is diversity is to experience Companionship. So it is. Otherness serves the purpose of Togetherness. Togetherness is what God desires. God desires itself (Man and Wo-man) to be happy. Happy, happy, happy! How could Human not be happy? All diversity is a blessing. All this is a gift. Man is a gift to Woman and Woman is a gift to Man. So it goes with everything. God is diverse for the purpose of Companionship. Once the above is realized we can speak of True Love. True Love is two meeting each other in their existential purpose; the purpose is not to be alone, to experience companionship, to Love and Be Loved. There is nothing to fight, there is nothing to argue about, all that is here is God desiring Love.
~ Wald Wassermann