Indian Summer

When Indian Summer comes around, I love to visit New England for the colors of the foliage which turn from dark to light green, then to yellow and eventually brown in a dance of eternal light. All this variegation heals the soul. Perhaps for the soul desires variegation. Variegation exists for the purpose not to feel alone, for the purpose of companionship, love and warmth. Now I am certain it is wise to occasionally step away from the trees to see the forest in its totality. For it is only by seeing the forest in its totality that it can be understood that there is in truth no division and that diversity exists for companionship, and that that which desires companionship is Self. And so it is for there where is the perception of division is Self desiring not to be by itself. All that is here is Self embracing itself; the purpose is companionship, love, togetherness.
~ Wald