It's all Good; there's just One Hood.

The answer to the question - how did I get here? - is Love. Of course here is I and I is here as in Now otherwise known as I Am. Naturally I Am does not mean the Individual but the Collective. The Collective is Singular. Seriously. I kid you not. There are no others. There is no division. Existence is Self desiring not to be by itself. Existence is Self desiring Companionship. Companionship verily is the purpose of Self. There's nothing to fight. There's nothing to argue about. All that is here is Self. Self spaces itself to embrace itself. Yes. Human is Hanuman and Hanuman is Rama. Rama is diverse not to feel alone. Rama is diverse for Companionship. Rama is diverse to Love and Be Loved in return. It's all Good; there's just One Hood. Love Simply Love.
~ Wald