Life's meaning 'is' Love.

The answer to the question - is God and the Universe the same thing? - is Yes. Now I Am certain that God and the Universe are no thing but Self. After all; is Self not the Word?, i.e., is Self not the creator of all words, numbers and equations? Naturally Yes. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. The bigger question is 'why does Self perceive diversity?'; 'what is the need for diversity'?. The answer to this question is two-fold: 1) it is not good to be alone 2) it is good to have companionship. Now we thus return to whether or not we should be believing in the Universe instead of God. There is no we. We is not we but Self desiring not to be by itself. We is not we but Self desiring Companionship. We is not we but Self desiring Love. Love is the first principle for the principal is Self desiring Love. As such we return to the message of all sages which is Love. Love is the essence of Self. Self is essentially Love. It has nothing to do with religion this although religion is an aid that points to the truth. So it goes for science. So it goes for all of Life. Life's meaning 'is' Love.
~ Wald