Love is the True Essence of Self.

The correct answer to every question is always Love. Anything not Love is Self being Ignorant about itself being Indivisible but dIverse not to be by Itself; hence Love. Love why Love? It is good asking this question. Naturally the origin of everything is Self. Self itself is. Self is all there is. How could there be anything beside- or outside Onself? It is Impossible. Self is always Self. What Self must remember. There is no division in Self. Self is variegated yes. Self is diverse yes. And why One may ask? Self is diverse for Love. Yes Love Love. Love is why Self is diverse. Diversity exists so Self would not be by itself. Diversity exists so Self would not be able to experience Companionship. Diversity exists so Self would be able to Love and Be Loved in return. The Universe? Yes. The Universe is Self. Self turns itself alright. But Love, yes Love, is the true essence of Self.
~ Wald