Love Letter from Self to Self.

That which is existence is Self-existent. Existence is whole, unified, undivided. Division is a non-event. All that is here is Self. Self Is. Is-ness is Self. All diversity is Self. Self perceives itself as Diverse. Diversity Self perceives not to be by itSelf. Self is driven by Love. Love being synonymous with Companionship. Human-kind should never have any fear for That which is Human-kind is Self. Self Always Is. There is no death for that which you are verily is Self. If the above is not understood, the word 'Self' may be exchanged with 'God'. Simply remember there is no division. Self cannot be outside itSelf. All that is here is Self desiring Togetherness which is why Self perceives itself as Otherness in the current. Always return to Love when in doubt. In other words; All is always G-d for G-d itself is. Simply remain grounded in Love. Love will save the Day*. The Day is Love! (* the meaning of Day is Deo is God). Hence why it is said: 'it's all G-d'.
~ Wald