On Free Will. Self is Free but wills Companionship.

The answer to the question - do we have free will? - is yes. It must be noted however that 'we' is not plural but singular. The singularity perceives itself as plural. Who or what is the singularity? The ultimate answer is Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. There are not many separate selves, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as many separate selves. What does Self want (will)? Companionship. Self desires not to be alone. Self desires Companionship. Self desires Love. The question is not if Self is free but 'what does Self want?' and 'what does Self align itself with?'. The answer is Companionship better known as Love. Self aligns itself to Love, continuously. Love is what underwrites reality for reality is Self. Self is Free but wills Companionship aka Love which results in Self (reality) being as variegated as it is. A society will flourish when its citizens understand the underlying foundation upon which society is build; this foundation is Love. Now I Am certain that the main goal of education should not primarily be the abstract arts such as mathematics and definitely not division but first and foremost the gospel of Love. Simple teachings would suffice. Division does not exist; diversity exists for Companionship.
~ Wald