Self is Indivisible but Diverse for Love.

When it comes to the subject of (the difference between) dark energy vs. dark matter it must be understood that both dark energy and dark matter are abstractions. Reality is Self desiring not to be by itself. 68% of the universe is dark energy and 27% is dark matter? Fugget about it. There is only Oneself not wanting to be by itself. That which Self calls dark energy is Self. That which Self calls dark matter is Self. Self is indivisible. Self simply desires to negate its own all One ness, i.e., aloneness. Naturally Self is One. One desires not to be alone. As to space? It is Self. As to the Universe? It is Self. Self names itself. All names, numbers and equations are all Self. Self is equationless, numberless and nameless. Sure; in an abstract way it is correct to note that dark matter produces gravity (the attractive force), while dark energy produces antigravity (the repulsive force). Forget about percentages however. There are no percentages. Self is undivided and the desire to compartmentalize Self in percentages serves no purpose other than mindporn. Truth is a matter of the heart. Truth is simple as in singular. Truth is Self. Self is One. Oneself Is. In the beginning was Self. Self is Now. There is no division in Self. Sure. Self spaces itself not to be by itself; hence Spacetime. The purpose always simple always pure; the purpose simply Love. In conclusion: dark energy and dark matter are part of one force and this one force is us as One for we are. One is indivisible but diverse to experience Companionship aka Love. Self must simply muster the energy to call a spade a spade; Self is indivisible but diverse for Love Sweet Love.
~ Wald Wassermann