Self is Singular

There's nothing more ridiculous than a news story with a headline 'we are under attack' for there is no 'we' as in a divided or framented plurality. The plurality is the singularity and the singularity is us as One for we are, i.e., we are One and the perception of otherness is Self-perceived for the purpose not to be alone, to be able to experience companionship. Who is attacking who? How can it even be possible? There is only Oneself. The very notion of seeing an enemy is beyond absurd for all that is here is Self. So it is. All that is here is Self desiring not to be by itself. The purpose of Self is Love. In conclusion. True intelligence understands us-is-one and seeks to unite while ignorance sees us-versus-them and seeks to divide. Division does not exist. Existence is One. One is Self. Self is undivided but desires diversity not to be by itself hence Love.
~ Wald Wassermann