To Pull a White Rabbit out of a Black Hat.

Some of my colleagues in the scientific community love to come up with ways to describe the nature of the universe such as dark matter, dark energy or even dark fluid to explain both phenomena in a single framework stating that a simple dark fluid with negative mass has been shown to have the properties required to explain both dark matter and dark energy. My goodness. How did I get here? No. Not we for we is not plural but singular as in the singularity. Yes I Am, as a biologist and scientist, certain Self is Singular as in One. The Initial Singularity is Self hence the I-Singularity Model defined by the simple equation 'I=Love'. Why Love? Self is Indivisible but Diverse not to be by itself. Self is Indivisible but Diverse for Companionship. Self is Indivisible but Diverse to Love and Be Loved in return. Now I am not sure where the concept of dark comes from for Self is colorless like a crystal shining forth all colors into that good night. Perhaps all of the above is irrelevant. As long as Humankind remembers Love is its purpose and that there where otherness is perceived is Self desiring not to be by itself. Love is essentially all that matters.
~ Wald Wassermann