The End of Cell Division: The Golden Dawn of Amoris.

The process called cell division is an abstraction at best. To be honest; the erroneous concept of cell division was born of ignorance. Now I am, as a scientist and biologist, certain that cell division is a biological impossibility. I guarantee there is no division in biology neither in cells. Cell division does not exist. Biology is undivided but diverse. Diversity exists, division does not. Amitosis? Meisosis? Mitosis? My goodness, there sure are a lot of I's in this world yet it must be remembered that I is always I. I is Indivisible. Division does not exist. I is diverse for Companionship. Companionship? Yes Love Companionship. Companionship is the purpose of diversity. Diversity exists not to be alone. I is all One but desiress not to be alOne. Hence Companionship otherwise known as Love. Let I just call itself AmorIs for Amor I is, i.e., I is Love. Love is the essence. I is essentially Love. As such the equation is strikingly simple: 'I-Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann