The Direct Approach to Stress Reduction.

Today is a Good day. Actually; every day is a Good day especially when G-d realizes there is only G-d for it leads to Heaven on Earth. This leads me to a conversation I had earlier today with a faculty member at one of California's most iconic institutions on the way to San Jose. The subject was work-load stress. I was asked what I did to prevent stress. It is Simple I replied. There is no stress. Stress is the result from seeing division where there is only Oneself. Sure; there are many surficial ways to cope with stress. The best way however is to cut to the chase; the way is One, division there is none. In other words; that which is always is. That is undivided but diverse for Companionship. As such there is never anything to worry about for all is always G-d. Of course there's the valid yet more abstract remedies such as: eat healthy foods, to get proper sleep, to make time to exercise every day. But ultimately the best way is to understand that there is no division and that that which is diverse is diverse for Companionship otherwise known as Universal Love. As it happens; the Universe is Self and Self is Love. So Love, simply Love for it's all G-d.
~ Wald