The First Law is Love

The Law of God is Love. The answer to the question - who is God? - is Self. The Law of Self is Love. It is said that he/she who Lives in Love is alive in God and so it is. Life is the Light of God. It must be remembered that God aligns itself to Love. Constantly. Everything that is, is God; God Is. Everything is underwritten by the first law. The first law is Love. The law is Love. It must be remembered by Humankind that it itself eternally lives in God, that the purpose of Life is Companionship, that there where are others is God desiring Love. Love is the heart of God. God desires Love. Banish all hatred and division from your minds. Remember there is no division in God. There where otherness is perceived is God desiring togetherness. Awake O Sleeper. That which you are exists for Love and Love alone. There is no other purpose but Love so Love be Love.
~ Wald