The Future of the Universe is Love.

The answer to the question - what is the future of the universe? - is Love. Then there are some who will reply; 'Love, what do you mean Love? That is a little bit simple.' And yes. I concur. Self is simple. Simple meaning Single and in Singular as in Universe. The Universe is Singular as in One. One is Self. So it is. The universe is Self. As to the future? The future is Self too for time is Self perceiving time not to be by itself. The last sentence is highly important. Self desires not to be by itself which is why Self perceives time. Time is Self perceived not to be alone. Time is Self perceived to experience Companionship. The answer to the opening question - what does the future of the universe hold? - is Love. There is no division really. Self is One. Oneself is. Oneself always is. There where otherness is perceived is Self desiring togetherness. So it goes for time. Self perceives time to experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. The correct answer thus being 'Self is Love' for Self transcends the notion of matter, energy, space and time. Self is nameless, numberless and equationless but the following equation sure comes close: 'I=Love'.
~ Wald Wassermann