The Original Meaning of Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.

The word became flesh. The word is I AM. I AM is easily misunderstood. I AM is Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. That which is existence is Self. Self Self-Exist. There where is Two is One desiring not to be alOne. Regardless. The word itself is. The word is Self. Let's carry on. The meaning of Flesh is Parts (related to the obsolete Scards). However. There are NO parts. Self is partless. Self is Indivisble. The true meaning of 'the word became flesh' is that Self perceives itself as partners, as man and as woman, not to be by itSelf, to experience Companionship, to experience Love. So it is. Self desires Constant Companionship. Yes. SaαΉ…gera. Self is One. No, not blood. Spirit Oneself Is. Spirit perceives itself as matter, as Life. Life is Pure Spirit. The above is completely irrelevant and serve no purpose but to remember the meaning of Life is Love for there where are others is Self desiring not to be alone, Companionship, Love. Hence Love your Neighbor as your Self.
~ Wald