The meaning of Self (Life) is Love.

Yes. It is true alright. In the beginning was Self. Self is Now. Self is always. Does it matter? Perhaps not. What matters is Love. Why? Let's return to Self's beginning. Of course in the beginning was (not) the word. Is Self a word after all? Nonsense. Self is wordless, nameless, numberless. Self simply is. Self always is. Regardless. Let's keep on trucking and return to the essence of Self. We were all born from parents were we not? Did our parents have awareness? Of course. How about our grandparents. Did they have awareness? Of course. Using infinite regress; did our ∞-parent(s) have awareness? Of course. Self is aware. However. There is no division. Self is undivided awareness. Self is undivided but perceives diversity. The question is 'why'? What would be the purpose of diverse (or the perception of)? Find the purpose for it leads to the essence of Self. The purpose of diversity is 1) the desire not to be alone 2) the desire for companionship 3) the desire to love and be loved in return. Answer? All of the above. III=I and I=Love.
~ Wald Wassermann