The Origin and Evolution of the Universe - Unique Facts and Information

When it comes to facts and information about the origin and evolution of the universe One must be clear that Evolutionary biology means ฦŽสŒolutionary biology and that Love is the meaning of Life and at the heart of creation. The answer to the question - how does science explain how the universe was created? - is Love. Although opinions in the scientific community highly differ, I am, as an astrophysicist, certain, beyond any reasonable doubt, that when it comes to our Universe, the Initial Singularity is the most accepted scientific theory in regards to explaining the origin of everything. Even more so. I am happy to go on record with the following statement. I was not only singular in the beginning. Now I is Singular for I transcends Time. Simplified. I is Singular and Indivisible; Division is a Biological Impossibility, I is diverse for Companionship, Companionship is the purpose of I. The above is perhaps irrelevant for all it must be remembered is that the meaning of Life is Love. Love is the first principle for there is but One principal (I) desiring Love. All the rest is nincompoop, petit cinema, nonsense to which One can only say
'Ah, I Laugh for the Word is Love'.
~ Wald