The Origin of Self is Self not wanting to be by Itself.

When it comes to the theory of everything; it must be understood that everything is Self. Self Is. It is this what existence is. Now I am certain, as a scientist and biologist, that when it comes to the Origin of the Universe, i.e., the Origin of Life; it was indeed caused by spontaneous creation or generation. But Genesis means Gen I Is. More so. Gen I Is means Amor I Is. But lest return to the origin and meaning of the Universe and Life. The Universe is Self. Life is Self. All that is here is Self. Self Itself is. Self Always Is. The origin of Self is Self not wanting to be by itself hence why Companionship otherwise known as Love is verily the one and only principle. Love is the underwriting cause of Self. Self is essentially Love. The more humanity aligns itself to its existential purpose, the better it will do. Climate change? Viruses? Forget about it all. Return to feeling Love for all. I Love is the remedy for all maladies. I Love. Very true. Truly Simple. I Love.
~ Wald Wassermann