The Origin of the Universe is Self (not wanting to be by itSelf).

The origin of the universe is Self not wanting to be by itself. Naturally the universe is not the universe. The universe is Self. Hence why Self named itself the universe (Latin: universus meaning 'us is One'). Naturally this One is not external but Self. Self is One. Oneself Is. There where otherness is perceived is Self desiring togetherness. Diversity is Self perceived for Companionship otherwise known as Love. Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love. In conclusion. All that is here is Self. Self is always One. Oneself always is. There is no division; diversity exists for Companionship. That which desires Companionship is Self not wanting to be by itself. Hence the meaning of Spacetime. Spacetime exist so Self would not be by itself; Spacetime exists so Self could experience Companionship. Companionship can only be experienced by Self spacing itself. Hence Space. Naturally Space is Self for there is nothing but Self. Self simply leaves space between itself to embrace itself.  So it goes for the subject of time. Self desires to perceive time not to be by itself; time exists for Companionship aka Love.
~ Wald Wassermann