The Purpose of Biodiversity is Companionship.

The answer to the question - what is the main purpose of biodiversity? - is companionship. Now I am certain that 'that' which desires companionship is Self. Self is indivisible but diverse not to be by itself. Self is indivisible but diverse for companionship. Self is indivisible but diverse to love and be loved in return. All that is here is Self. Self Ís. Does it matter? Yes. Of course it matters. There is nothing to fight or argue about. There where otherness is perceived is Self desiring togetherness. There is also nothing to be anxious about. Anxiety is not in our DNA. Quite the contrary. Love is in our DNA. DNA 'is' Love. After all; the meaning of the name DNA is Deus Non Alligator (DNA meaning 'Deus Non Alligator' — 'God is not bound but desires to bind itself to Love and Be Loved in return'). All is always G-d. Repeat it often. All is always G-d. Simply remain grounded in the realization that Love verily is the one and only purpose. So Love simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann