The Purpose of God is Companionship.

Is God lonely? Did God split itself into duality to forget its true undivided nature just to experience the illusion of Companionship through polarity instead of existing in a unified eternal state? Also why does God (or existence) exist in the first place? My goodness; so many questions while the answer is always Love. This Coronita sure brings out a lot of truth. Truth is Simple. Of course God is All One as in Alone. Of course there is only God. Of course there is no opposition really. It is just that God spaces itself not to be by itself. How else could God experience Companionship? Naturally God is undivided for God is beyond Space-Time. Space-Time exists for Companionship. And yes; the answer to question - why does God exists in the first place? - is Love. Naturally Love is synonymous with Companionship, Friendship, Warmth, etc. The truth is simple. All diversity is God. God is diverse for Companionship. Companionship is the purpose of God. Yes I am saying the above is correct. Simply remember there is no division. Division does not exist. God is diverse but undivided. Very true, truly simple. Happy Diwali everyday!
~ Wald