There is NO such thing as division.

The answer to the question - what is matter made of? - is Love. Of course this is an abstraction. Why? Matter is not matter; matter is Self. Self is pure consciousness. Even consciousness is an abstraction. Why? Self simply is Self. Then what is Self? Self can only define itself as Love. Self is One. Yes. Self does not like to be alOne. Yes. Self desires Companionship. Yes. Self desires to Love and Be Loved. So what then is Life? Life is Self desiring not to be by itSelf! Dost thou not remember what came before that which Self calls Life? Is it darkness? No! It is lOneliness! There where is night and day is Oneself perceiving itself as itself not to be by itSelf. All this, it is all Oneself! Oneself turns into itself. Naturally Yes. As such why Self calls itself the Universe. Forget division! Division is a fallacy! There is no such thing as division. All that is here is Self! Self perceives itself as itself, as Life diversified, as Man and as Woman, to experience Companionship. What then is there to argue about? What then is there to fight about? There is nothing more absurd! Self Is. Self Always Is. All is Always Self. The message is simply Love. Love, Love, Love. Anything not Love? Nincompoop!
~ Wald