There is NO Threat; all that is here is Self.

Alrighty. So here's the deal. There is no division in the world. There is no division in the universe. We are undivided. We are not plural. We are One. One is singular as in Indivisible. Yes. God alright. There is no division. Diversity exists not to be alone. It is not good to be alone remember? Who says this? Aha. I Indeed. It is not good for Self to be alone. Self is all one but desires not to feel alone. Does it matter? Of course. The water of the seven seas that separates all tribes of 'I is Really One' serves the purpose so I could experience Companionship otherwise known as Love. Naturally there is only I. I is. Indeed. I rings its own bell. I feel Love. It's all good. Now then. There's nothing to fight. There's nothing to argue about. There is only Self being Ignorant about its true undivided nature. Sure. There seemingly are a lot of different I's in this world. There's Amer-I-ca, there's Russ-I-a, there's Ch-I-na, there's Arab-I-a, there's I-ran, there's I-ndia, there's Pak-I-stan, there's Ocean-I-a, et al(l I). but all there truly is is AmorIs as in Amor I Is. Love I Is. Love is I. There are no others. There is only Oneself desiring Love. Love people Love. Wakey Wakey. Le dormeur doit se rΓ©veiler. All that is here is Self. Self Itself Is. Self Always Is. One Yes One. Otherness exists to experience togetherness. Love Simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann