What Is space really? - Simple Scientific Definition.

The Universe is mental. No worries. The Universe is mental in a good way, in a loving way, in a Self-embracing way. At first it is understood that the Universe is Self and that Space is Self too. After all, there is only Self. Self is the Universe and the Universe is Self. Sure, there is Space. But what is Space but Self. Self spaces itself not to be by itself. Self spaces itself for Companionship. Self spaces itself for Love. But is there separation? No. Is there division? No. Self is undivided but diverse. Diversity exists why? I say Companionship. Companionship not only is the purpose of the universe. Companionship is the purpose of Self. Yes Companionship Love. Love and Companionship? All the same! The purpose of diversity is Companionship. That which desires Companionship is Self. Hence why it is said that God is Love and why the meaning of Life is Love. Love verily the purpose; the purpose verily Love.
~ Wald Wassermann