Genesis is Amoris.

That which was (in) the beginning is Now. That (เคคเคค्) is Self (I). Hence Genesis I:I or Biogenesis. Self is always One and Oneself always is. At any time (Yuga) there is only Oneself. As such Truth (Satya) is Self. All that is here is Self not wanting to be by Itself. Self is undivided but diverse for Companionship. Hence Biodiversity meaning Selfdiversity. Diversity exists so Self would not be by itself. Diversity exists so Self could experience Companionship. Diversity exists so Self could experience Love Yes Companionship. Companionship Yes Love is the underwriting purpose of Self. The meaning of Genesis (Gen I is) is Amoris (Amor I is). Self is Love. Love is Now. There is nothing to fight for there is no division and diversity is Self-perceived for Companionship Yes Love.
~ Wald