International Relations | Council of Universal Affairs

When it comes to international relations; the council of universal affairs is never foreign but always Self. Self has an eternal affair with itself. The above is irrelevant. What is relevant is that international student exchange programs are a very good way to prevent global conflicts. Yes I say not future conflicts for the future is always now as in 'I is' previously known as 'I am'. The purpose quite simple really. An American student visiting ChIna could learn that the meaning of the I Ching is One Kin aka Love. The Chinese student visiting AmerIca could learn that the meaning of Amor-I-is is God is One Love. Similarly. The Chinese and American students visiting India could learn that Truth is One and that this One is Atma-Prema (Self is always One and division there is none). Now the Chinese, Amorican and Indian students could visit PakIstan or Iran and learn that Islam means I-s-I-am yes Islam. Now the Chinese, American, Indian and Pakistani or Iranian students could go to Israel and discover that the meaning of Hear O Israel is I is really One. Now. What then is there to argue about? What then is there to fight over? What then is there to invade? Conflicts are born out of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness that Self is diverse for Companionship, Friendship, Love. In conclusion: it's all G-d H(an)uman-San. Love simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann