A Brief History of Self: From the Big Badda Bang to Stardust.

I got into a heated argument yesterday with a fellow professor of astronomy and astrophysics. The heat stemming not from the argument but from the professor's stunning good looks. Naturally I never argue, especially when the professor is smoking hot, so I just smiled, nodded and kept quiet (for a wise man told me never to oppose a beautiful woman). We were conversing about the big bang, the dying of the stars and the helio- vs geocentric debate. Always fun conversation fillers. Now I will not discuss the centricity of self right here but I will discuss the big bang and the dying of the stars. My friend told me: 'Wald, don't you know the stars are dying?' I replied 'No worries my Love for 'that which is always is' (for that is not that but Tāt and Tāt is eternal). Unfortunately this was not understood so we moved on to the topic of the big badda bang. Again my friend told me: 'Wald, you cannot know what is or what was before the big bang'. Again I nodded and kept quiet. For naturally Truth is Simple. The origin of the big bang is Self not wanting to be by itself. The reason for diversity is companionship. That which desires companionship is Self. Self is still one. Oneself still is. There is no division and the perception of otherness serves the purpose so Self could experience Togetherness. There's nothing to fight or argue about for Self is One without a second. As such the message is always Love, simply Love.
~ Wald Wassermann