Dark Energy vs Dark Matter: What's the Dealio?

The answer to the question - is air conscious? - is yes, of course air is conscious; consciousness is one, division there is none. Let I explain this another way with Space. Space is Self. Self leaves spaces between itself not to be by itself. Space is conscious. Self enables itself to embrace itself by leaving space between itself. How else could Self embrace itself? Remember. It is all about Companionship commonly known as Love. There are no others strictly speaking. Otherness is Self desiring Togetherness. At any time; all that is here is Self embracing itself. Then there's this buzz word called dark energy which is exactly the same as space. Dark energy is Self. Dark energy is Self leaving space between itself for Love. It is an abomination to state that dark energy is a negative, repulsive pressure, behaving like the opposite of gravity. For both dark energy and dark matter are Self working for the same goal; the goal is Love. In conclusion: Dark energy and dark matter are complementary rather than opposing forces which in truth are Self desiring otherness to experience togetherness. There is no opposition. There is no enemy. All that is here is Self desiring Love. In other words; it's all G-d. Oh yes. One final remark. Self is colorless bringing forth all colors into that good night. Self very much prefers to be called Light. Perhaps it would be nice if those in astronomy could get with the program and update their wordings accordingly.
~ Wald Wassermann