How do you deal with the pain of losing a loved one?

There’s this legend of a Greek fisherman who discovered a ten-thousand clay pots at the bottom of the ocean near Crete while fishing. Each pot was sealed and appeared to contain regular sea water which made it a highly unusual find. All pots were unremarkable in shape but had the same artistic engravings which the fisherman could not understand. The fisherman, who was an aspiring artist in his free time, made drawings of the pots and their engravings and visited his local museum. Unfortunately the local museum was unable to understand the meaning of the engravings so they consulted The National Archaeological Museum in Athens who, after many weeks, replied that the engravings were in an unknown language. The National Archaeological Museum in Athens decided to assist in the recovery of the pots from the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately all the pots disintegrated the moment they were taken out of the water; their contents (sea water) returned to the same sea water which had surrounded them since the beginning of time. The pots and their contents became one again with the ocean. Many years later, a professor in etymology visited the The National Archaeological Museum Athens and was shown the drawings of the fisherman. He concluded the artistic engravings were in a language called Telugu and that the words meant 'ప్రేమ సాగరా'. After consulting with a colleague in India; it was concluded that the meaning of 'ప్రేమ సాగరా' was 'One Ocean of Love'.