Why I

It is correct to note that everything is an abstraction for reality is Self not wanting to be by itself. As such reality is the result of Self desiring Companionship aka Love. No wonder then why it is said that Self is Love, i.e., Swaprem. And of course there is, at any time, at any yuga, only Oneself. Oneself always is. Self is always One. Now the above may seem as utter mumbo-jumbo were it not for the following. When it comes to genetic vaccines it is correct to note that vaccines deliver one or more of lil' coronita's virus's own genes into our cells to provoke an immune response. Here's the deal-I-o. Gen I is. I is always I. One is always One. I perceives itself as diverse for Companionship yes Love. Yes I Am, as a scientist and biologist, certain that the originating cause of all suffering, be it a monsoon, a drought, a virus, whatever, is caused by Self (in this case Hanuman-San aka Human) having forgotten its originating cause (the desire for otherness to experience togetherness commonly known as loneliness) and its underwriting purpose (companionship otherwise known as love). As such I can attest that all challenges can be overcome by a simple as in singular(ity) state of mind: I Love aka Amor I s (Love I is & Love is I). The messenger RNA (mRNA) is Rama Non Alligator; the message is simply Love.