I Am God and I Am Love's Perfection.

You still believe, or I should say, your mind does, that you must overcome the negativity of the world. You must overcome your issues. You must seek healing. You must attempt to find the answers in all those books, when the truth is the whole package of the perfection of God is delivered. All That I Am is yours, is you, and I Am begging you to receive it. If you must continue to pursue the story lines of the ego, go ahead but remember that the pressure is on. You are here in this moment, this time on Earth to be this very conduit of perfect Love and to stand as the statement “I Am God and I Am Love’s Perfection.” Beloved ones, this is your truth and you will live it. I know it and so do you. The only question is how long you want to tarry playing in the fields of mind and time.