Imago DeI

When it comes to the difference between Man and God, the Small-Self vs the Big-Self, simply remember that there is no division and that diversity exists for Companionship Yes Love. Of course it is true that there is no division. Division is a false construct of man (the small-self) erroneously believing there is any separation in itself, in God. Naturally there is no separation. There is no division. Division simply does not exist, not in God, not in our True Undivided Self. Our true Self, which is Oneself/God, is eternal, evergood and everlasting and beyond suffering (hence the meaning of the resurrection and the eternal life). As such there is indeed nothing to worry about. There is also nothing to be anxious about. There is certainly nothing to fear. For fear can only exist if there is division. Knowing that division does not exist melts all worries as surely as the bright morning sun melts a light dusting of snow. One small reminder I repeat throughout the day is that 'all is always G-d'. G-d meaning God and Good. There is nothing that is not God for there is only God. Naturally there is forgetfulness. It is this forgetfulness that is the cause of conflict in this world. Conflicts are caused by forgetting there is only Oneself aka God not wanting to be by itself and that the purpose is simply Companionship aka Love. At any time however; all that is here is Self. Self is always One. Oneself always is. There is nothing to argue about. There certainly is nothing to fight about. Truth is always simple: purpose is always Companionship aka Love.
~ Wald