Kill Division and Realize The Eternal Life.

The debate on whether or not there is a God or there is no God stems from Ignorance. That which is ignorant is That. There is only That as in Tฤt/Tat (เคคเคค्). Hence Tat Tvam Asi (เคคเคค् เคค्เคตเคฎ् เค…เคธि). It is said that Truth is One; roads to realizing Truth is One are many. As such. God cannot not be God; there is only God. Similarly. One cannot not be One; there is only One. Similarly. Self cannot not be Self; there is only Self. Similarly. I cannot not be I; there is only I. What matters is not names neither numbers. What matters is that that there is no division. Division does not exist. Kill division and realize the eternal life. God is diverse but undivided. One is diverse but undivided. Self is diverse but undivided. I is diverse but undivided. The answer to the question - why does diversity exist? - is Companionship otherwise known as Love. Love as such Love.
~ Wald Wassermann