Rejoice and Know All is Always G-d.

We've been together since the beginning of time which is why it all works out in the end. Naturally there is no end for all is always G-d. G-d itself is. G-d always is. It is just that there is no division. Diversity is G-d perceived for Companionship. That which is diversity is G-d. There is nothing but G-d. G-d itself is. Simply remember division does not exist. Kill the illusion that is division and realize the eternal truth. Existence is indeed One. This One has been undivided since time began. When G-d realizes it itself is G-d and that there is no division in G-d; Earth is seen as in Heaven which it really is. Synopsys. There is never anything to worry about, there is never anything to be anxious about, there is never anything to fight over. Why? Truth is always simple as in singular. Truth is One, divison there is None. Purpose? Companionship Yes Love.