Science vs Religion: Which One is Right?

there is confusion in the wor(l)d about which one has superiority; science vs religion, the lower self vs the higher self, human vs god. truth is simple. self is one. oneself is. there is in truth no higher or lower self. there is no division between god and human. there is no division in biology. there is no division in the wor(ld). there is no division in the universe. all is self. the universe is self. the wor(l)d is self. all that is here is self not wanting to be by itself. all diversity is self-desired, self-created and self-perceived. all diversity is god/self itself. all diversity is god/self embracing itself out of love. so i(t) is. god/self celebrates itself as life diversified this not to be by itself. the one and only purpose of god/self is companionship otherwise known as love, friendship, warmth, togetherness, shelter, et al. the meaning of life (which is god/self really) is thus not negation but celebration. a celebration of self. a celebration of love.
~ Wald Wassermann